Thu 25.7.2024 at 21:00
Sparkle of the Cellos – Total Cello Ensemble

Tickets € 35 / 30 / 15
Pensioners, unemployed € 32 / 27 / 15
Students and children under 18 € 15

Tickets for sale on and at the doors 1,5h before the concert

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Hannu Kiiski
Tuomas Ylinen
Tuomas Lehto
Tomas Nuñez-Garcés
Samuli Peltonen
Jussi Vähälä

Total Cello Ensemble is a unique ensemble of six top cellists, combining classical music expertise with a bold attitude while breaking down musical boundaries.

The ensemble’s Primus Motor, Hannu Kiiski, serves as a cello lecturer at the Sibelius Academy; Tuomas Ylinen is the principal cellist of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra; Tuomas Lehto and Tomas Nuñez-Garcés are solo cellists of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra; and Samuli Peltonen and Jussi Vähälä are solo cellists of the Finnish National Opera Orchestra.

TCE has arranged both classical and contemporary music into a whole, expanding the cello’s range of expression and timbre to unprecedented dimensions.

“In the concert, we will hear a wide range of music that we believe best highlights the finest expression range of the cello. The cello encompasses the entire vocal range of a person, male and female, and perhaps that’s why cellos are such good interpreters of our shared emotions in the Total Cello Ensemble. For us, there is no distinction between light and serious music; they are nested within the Total Cello Ensemble, just as they are in life.” – Hannu Kiiski