Thu 21.7.2022 at 21:00
Saarikoski-songs by Saariaho – Anu Komsi & Pia Värri

Tickets 35 / 30 / 15 €

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Anu Komsi, soprano
Pia Värri, piano

“Phenomenal, brilliant” – these words have been used to describe Anu Komsi’s and Pia Värri’s performance of Kaija Saariaho’s latest Saarikoski song series. This summer the Saarikoski songs are to be enjoyed in Espoo. In Chopin’s Mazurkas, adapted by Pauline Viardot, the duo offers a virtuosic sparkle and joyful atmosphere. In Ravel and Messiah’s charming vocalises, the duo delights in the refined tones of French vocal music.

The duo of Komsi and Värri has an extensive repertoire from lied to opera, focusing on vocal music by composers such as Debussy, Wolf, Chopin-Viardot, Clara Schumann, Sibelius, Fauré and Ravel. In addition to Finland, the duo has performed in France, Japan and Germany. Kaija Saariaho’s vocal music compositions have always been in their repertoire, having premiered Saariaho’s Leino songs and now the latest Saarikoski songs. The duo has recorded “Heart/Oheart” (Alba), featuring songs commissioned from contemporary composers to Eino Leino’s texts and older Leino songs. In 2021, the album Kaija Saariaho’s Songs (ColoraMaestro) appeared on ”Sumun läpi” album which has acclaimed by critics and received a nomination for the Record of the Year by YLE and Emma Award.