Fri 3.6.2022 at 19:00
Opening Concert in Kallio Church – Franz Schubert: Mass No.6 Eb major and Intende Voci

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Anu Komsi, soprano
Jenny Carlstedt, alto
Tuomas Katajala, tenor
Johan Krogius, tenor
Jussi Juola, bass

Tapiola Sinfonietta
Tapiola Chamber Choir
Conductor Aapo Häkkinen

Mass Eb Major for five soloists, orchestra and choir, as well as Intende Voci for tenor, orchestra and choir by Franz Schubert were both composed during the last year of the composer’s life in 1828. Benjamin Britten has called this year “the greatest year in the history of music.” The Mass Eb Major is the largest of Schubert’s six masses.

As stated by conductor Aapo Häkkinen: “Orchestral music offered Schubert the opportunity to colour his simplistic melodies in a versatile and immersive way. The simpler the melodies are, the stronger is the magic of music, but the broader timbres and larger structures give the folkloristic elements a new multidimensional tone with shades of sorrow, suspicion and irony. Schubert’s music always fluctuates between terror and love, life and death, light and shadow. Comparisons with other composers are basically pointless, especially when it comes to the most melodically and harmonically unique composer of all time – but Schubert is the one composer whose music most likely draws the attention of a musically savvy listener.”

In cooperation with the Tapiola Sinfonietta

Image: Hadi Karimi


F. Schubert: Mass Nro 6 Eb Major
Intende Voci