Thu 15.8.2024 at 21:00
Master of the Organ – Pétur Sakari

Tickets € 35 / 30 / 15
Pensioners, unemployed € 32 / 27 / 15
Students and children under 18 € 15

Tickets for sale on and at the doors 1,5h before the concert

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An Organ recital based on improvisation – a celebration of improvisation!

Improvisation is a demanding skill where composition and performance occur simultaneously in the moment. However, improvisation is always unique and can never be repeated in the same way. Mastering improvisation requires a deep understanding of music history, harmony, theory, composition, and cultures. It demands rigorous study and strong spontaneity. This evening is entirely dedicated to improvisation.

Improvisation in classical music, especially in organ playing, has deep roots in medieval traditions. This skill has been part of musicians’ repertoire for centuries, especially during the era of early music when the distinction between compositions and improvisations was blurred. -Pétur Sakari