Thu 22.6.2023 at 21:00
Jaakko Kortekangas – Midsummer Soiree (Free of Charge)

Free of Charge

Jaakko Kortekangas, baritone
Jukka Nykänen, piano
Niko Kumpuvaara, accordion
Maija Linkola, violin  

Organ Night and Aria’s traditional Midsummer Concert is organized on the eve of Midsummer Eve. In the atmosphere of a summer evening, you can hear gems of Finnish vocal music, such as Karelian songs, compositions by Oskar Merikanto, Yrjö Kilpinen, Toivo Kuula and Selim Palmgren. Alongside baritone Jaakko Kortekangas there are versatile and virtuoso musicians, pianist Jukka Nykänen, accordionist Niko Kumpuvaara and violinist Maija Linkola, who will also perform instrumental program in the concert. The audience is welcomed to join singing in some of the songs. 

Free admission! 

Espoo Cathedral
Kirkkopuisto 5, Espoo


Selim Palmgren: Laiskurin laulu (Knape) Op. 70 No. 2
Oskar Merikanto: Muistellessa Op. 11 No. 2
Yrjö Kilpinen: Rannalta (Koskenniemi) Op. 23 No. 7

Instrumental Music: Jukka Nykänen, Niko Kumpuvaara and Maija Linkola

Selim Palmgren: The Song of the Lazy (Knape) Op. cit. 70 No. 2
Oskar Merikanto: Reminiscing about op. cit. 11 No. 2
Yrjö Kilpinen: From the beach (Koskenniemi) op. cit. 23 No. 7

Instrumental Music: Jukka Nykänen, Niko Kumpuvaara and Maija Linkola

Karelian Songs: The Sea of Luadoga (Bishop Paul)
Salmin briha (trad. / Mäkinen)
Long was this day (trad.)
Kezäpäiväne Karelian mäjel (Härkönen)

Co-singing with the audience and musicians.

Toivo Kuula: Karjapihassa (Larin-Kyösti) Op. 31a No. 2
Martti Turunen: Sunday (Aleksis Kivi) op. cit. 25 No. 1
Toivo Kuula: Summer Night at the Churchyard (Koskenniemi) Op. cit. 6 No. 1
Paolo Tosti: Viimeinen laulu / L ́ultima canzone (by Francesco Cimmino) 
George David Weiss: How beautiful is / What a wonderful world, san. George David