Thu 18.8.2022 at 21:00
Monologue Opera “Ilona Irti”

Tickets 45 / 35 / 15 €

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Timo-Juhani Kyllönen, composition
Leena Lehtolainen, text
Juulia Tapola, directing

Aurora Marthens, soprano
Jonathan Roozeman, cello
Jan-Paul Roozeman, piano
Rebecca Roozeman, violin

Premiere of the Monology Opera commissioned by Organ Night And Aria

Monologue Opera “Ilona Irti” op. 100 addresses the life and roles of women in today’s society. The text and the music reflect the bright persona of the protagonist Ilona and the range of her emotions, from anxiety and disappointment to laughter and joy. The libretto of the work was written by author Leena Lehtolainen and the composition for this monologue was written by Timo-Juhani Kyllönen. The work was commissioned by Organ Night and Aria in 2019 and this summer it will finally be premiered with the magnificent soprano Aurora Marthens and Trio Roozeman.